Unveiling The Technology Acquisition

Nexcom's Strategic Leap into Voice Technology.

Earlier this year, Nexcom successfully concluded the acquisition of Mirsk, a well-established voice technology company. This strategic decision marked a natural progression for Nexcom, expanding its product portfolio and laying the groundwork for a comprehensive omnichannel solution that seamlessly integrates voice technology, artificial intelligence, automation, and quality assurance.

Pioneering Speech Technology

With almost two decades of expertise, Mirsk had established itself as a market leader in digital dictation and speech recognition, primarily catering to the healthcare and legal sectors. Additionally, the company was at the forefront of delivering real-time speech recognition solutions to contact centers.

A Unique Training Approach: What set them apart was their unique approach to training models. Unlike common practices of using publicly available materials, Mirsk took things up a notch by training its models on authentic audio data from actual contact center conversations. This approach not only fine-tunes speech recognition and eliminates background noise, but also ensures an exceptional accuracy rate.

Seamless Integration and Privacy: Seamless integration of the platform into multiple contact center and telephony platforms, ensures accurate transcriptions even in the midst of overlapping conversations. But that’s not all – the technology enables processing of all calls by anonymizing conversations and adhering to GDPR regulations.

Structured Data Integration: The title may not blow you away – but the content should. The platform delivers recognized words in a structured data warehouse format, facilitating seamless integration with popular business intelligence tools like PowerBI and Tableau. Available as both cloud and on-premises solutions, the application is designed to scale and support even the largest contact centers. With millions of words and points of data, the structure really matters!

Nexcom's Motivation for the Acquisition

This strategic move goes beyond mere business decisions; it underlines Nexcom's dedication to innovation and a bold commitment to pushing towards the next level of technological achievements.

The enduring preference for phone calls as the primary means of contacting companies prompted Nexcom to address the rising demand for voice-based applications. This was particularly relevant given Nexcom's solution CX-G, the multichannel automation platform, which initially focused on digital-based channels such as email, chat and social media.

Following the acquisition, the integration of voice support transformed CX-G into a comprehensive omnichannel workspace, expanding its capabilities to automate a broader spectrum of contact center activities.

Introducing the Voice Bot

Post-acquisition, Nexcom introduced the AI Voice bot – an innovative leap from traditional bot and IVR, now elevated with artificial intelligence, it offers a wide range of functionalities and conversational options. No more press 1 for Support, just tell us what our issue is!

Advantages of the Voice bot:

  • Address dissatisfaction with traditional IVRs.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by creating a more welcoming experience.
  • Reduce call abandonment rates by up to 25%.
  • 24/7 operability with unlimited capacity.
  • Enable intelligent call distribution and handling based on various parameters.

The Voice Bot market isn’t just expanding, it’s promising significant returns on investment, making it a must-have solution for contact centers. The primary driver of improvement in this domain is artificial intelligence and guess what? Nexcom is at the forefront of this exciting development.


Nexcom’s successful acquisition has not only expanded its product portfolio but has also positioned the company at the forefront of the voice technology landscape. The integration of Mirsk’s expertise in speech technology has empowered Nexcom to deliver an even more cutting-edge, omnichannel solutions, poised to reshape the future of customer interactions.

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