2022 Outlook

For Nexcom, 2022 will be all about execution!

In 2021 we successfully developed our Machine Learning models and we have launched a functioning AI, as well as we completed recruitment, which are important steps for our growth in 2022.

Looking at Nexcom in 2022, we are now ready for the next steps in our journey with a complete management team and a cutting-edge product offering. Our product portfolio is still expanding as we are launching another integration within RevealCX, the Learning Management System, further providing our customers with the right tools to improve their customer experience. On top of that we have a very strong and loyal customer base to grow from and based on these facts we are confident that 2022 will be a successful year for Nexcom.

Our CEO discussed highlights from 2021 and the outlook for 2022 in the video below

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Completed management team

In December 2021, we completed the recruitment of the management team by hiring a new strategically strong Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Henrik Flintsø, and a new Chief Sales Officer, Ivan Guevara. With a complete management team in place, we can continue our growth journey in 2022.

Henrik brings great experience and knowledge that are valuable to our continued development and he plays an important role in our mission to grow internationally. Before joining Nexcom, Henrik worked as a Finance Consultant in SaaS companies, as CFO at Albatros Travel Group and Finance Director at the Carl Bro Group. Henrik has extensive knowledge of strategic and operational management and the SaaS business model through his experience within the private investment field and foreign companies in Danish branches.

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Ivan is responsible for leading our Sales teams in the US, EMEA and the UK. He plays an important role in our expectations to grow revenues in our quest to become a leading global player in CX management. Before joining Nexcom, Ivan served as Vice President of Sales for internationally based companies such as Quintiq headquartered out of the Netherlands and Dassault Systems based our of France. During his early career he worked as a Director of Sales, Business Analytics and Optimization at IMB. Ivan has extensive experience in market positioning and developing sales strategies. 

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