New feature in RevealCX!

We are thrilled to announce that we have successfully deployed the Advanced Alerts Flagging System! Now you can design organizational-specific notification configurations that provide users with automated-dynamic messages when business requirements are non-compliant, ensuring accurate and consistent quality monitoring. This allows your business to accomplish its objectives by aligning performance and customer expectations, supporting improvements directly aimed at protecting the customer experience.

The secret is going above and beyond

RevealCX is a Quality Monitoring platform that is used to improve customer interactions and experiences using intelligent data management and analysis. The platform focuses on deep data insights about customer behavior and needs, which then provides robust reporting that gives an accurate view of performance.

Continuous improvements have a huge impact on customer satisfaction due to constant changes in customer expectations and business needs. We at Nexcom are on the same wavelength and keep improving our platform, based on a best practice form structure and our own customer feedback. In order to support best practices, there are many checklists and loads of data that must be monitored at all times and let’s face it we’re all human, we make mistakes and can be forgetful. This is where the Alerts system makes our lives much easier by automatically observing the database and non-compliant business requirement occurrences, enabling managers to manage effectively across the entire business.

New feature: Advanced Alerts Flagging system

This powerful tool within RevealCX gives a framework of best practices, designed to support the programming of business rules in each organization. The dynamic configuration features provide a flexible setup to comply with the organizations business needs while supporting supervisors to manage their agents.

The new feature supports performance improvement initiatives and unique business requirements while truly implementing best practices based on the COPC standard benchmarks. Not to mention the increased ability to support employees with a clear overview and visibility of gaps in processes, creating further stability improvements.

An effective quality management approach reduces errors and improves consistency leading to high levels of first contact resolution and customer experience at lower cost to the organization. The approach has two goals: (1) To enable the CSP to measure the accuracy or defect rate performance of a program. (2) To enable the CSP to identify reasons for defects and address them

– COPC Customer Experience (CX) Standard for Contact Centers, 2021

Protecting the customer experience in real time!

The Alerts module automates error monitoring so managers can respond immediately and take action, improving overall quality assurance. All you have to do is set the conditions according to your business operations. It sounds simple. And it is! The user sets conditions for the system to review quarterly, monthly, or weekly, to get performance incidents and notifications for errors. This way you will not miss out on any gaps in the process.

And what’s best? Conditions can even be set to run real time for immediate action to be made! This helps you diagnose issues quickly and enables faster development cycles. Quality monitoring using this feature can immediately be helping the customer experience, which after all is the ultimate goal!

The approach to the Alerts System is only limited by your imagination, where you can customize the configuration based completely on your organizational specific business rules and success metrics. The Alerts system not only identifies frequent critical errors made by agents, but also ensures that other important quality business requirements are adhered to, e.g., managing evaluator’s consistency.

The new feature watches over your database and notifies you the moment issues surface. These focused role-based triggers provide automated communication to the relevant person within the organization, whether it’s evaluators, managers, or agents, about important issues that require immediate attention.

What are the benefits of the new feature?

Each business is unique and there is no one-size fits all solution, therefore the Alerts feature offers organizational-specific configurations and design that provides automated notifications to assist managers in managing both agents and evaluators. The Automation provides an efficient implementation of business requirements across the entire organization. Our customers are truly inspired by the flexibility and scalability of the new module, in terms of company objectives. The dynamic, flexible frequency options of real-time or strategic intervals allow organizations to control priority of adherence to each requirement.

Issues can arise anytime! Hence, the advantage of utilizing the Alerts system is that it provides continuous real-time alerts for errors that require immediate attention, where every site both internally and even outsourced vendors will be prompted to do the right things. This not only provides consistent communication of business requirements, but also what actions to take as each requirement is not met. Providing such flexible configuration options to create notifications that matter most to your customer and business, empowers staff and managers while protecting the customer experience.

Best practices are great and making sure everyone gets monitored and receives feedback on evaluations with errors, but consistency is the key to bringing actual improvements. With the Alerts system we provide the ability to adhere to quality best practices benchmarks as defined in the COPC standard.

You know what else? The Log system within the new feature also monitors if some agents are subject to recurring alerts or if managers are getting forgetful and have recurring reminders. The logging tracker provides robust performance reporting on key metrics making it easy to identify patterns of recurring requirements not met by managers, evaluators, and agents. This way the system helps identify specific training needs, keeping everyone on the same page and aligned with the metrics that matter, in order to quickly resolve growing issues!

The ultimate benefit of using this feature and turning the quality monitoring into action is ensuring customer touchpoints are consistent with the success metrics. The Alerts will allow your business to effectively train and develop your team to deliver a positive experience to your customers.


For quality assurance, there are many factors in the process that must be evaluated, and this requires continuous improvements. Reducing overall performance and customer experience just due to lack of maintenance or overseeing errors is the last thing you want. But don’t worry, this feature will keep you on your toes, finding critical errors that require immediate attention, so your business operations run at optimal performance all the time, ultimately driving a better customer experience.

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