Let’s Talk Niche

At Nexcom, we create niche products. We are relentlessly committed to designing, building and delivering highly specialized products deeply rooted in understanding and managing the customer experience (CX). Offering a niche solution extends beyond the technology. Our specialized knowledge and customer collaboration during and post implementation is an integral variable of our customer’s success. Nexcom philosophy is simple, we succeed when our customers succeed. This philosophy is embedded in our actions and strategy from design through post-implementation collaboration.

One of our niche offers is a comprehensive quality suite. Other brands offer a quality solution within a suite product, not Nexcom. We know how to ensure our customer’s greatest ROI. We stay in our technology and specialization “lane” - quality. Our niche quality products are RevealCX and RevealCX Boost.

RevealCX and RevealCX Boost are designed, built and implemented by quality experts. Nexcom set out to intentionally build a quality process supported software – and succeeded. Quality expertise is the niche advantage. Customers have leveraged our niche products to gain the following benefits

  • High ROI because the product is designed specifically for one thing – streamline quality processes and improve performance by providing the right data
  • Undiluted knowledge of quality best practice processes transferred into technology that makes quality processes in organizations efficient and effective. As quality experts, we understand the specificities and create value through our quality knowledge and experience
  • Collaborative expertise on your processes and issues during implementation and business reviews – not only help organizations implement technology but also the best practices that drive improvement
  • Functionality that pushes you toward high performance and best practices
  • Our technology and customer success services are driven by a deep knowledge and passion of understanding the impact of poor quality on other metrics of your contact center and business, e.g., lower operational costs and issue resolution (IR)

Don’t take our word for it alone. We have we been recognized by COPC Inc. to deliver real business value by helping companies deploy best practices found in the COPC CX Standard. COPC Standard requirements met in RevealCX.

Let’s talk quality.

Let’s talk how you achieve your greatest ROI.

Let’s talk solving your organization’s problems.

Let’s talk what’s next for your success.

Let’s talk RevealCX. RevealCX Boost.



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