RevealCX Boost

AI turns your manual quality processes into business intelligence.

Our quality monitoring tool, RevealCX has been given a Boost which will give your CX departments new and improved ways of collecting important CX related data. RevealCX Boost offers companies the capability to tap into one of the most valuable assets of a company – the interactions with their customers.


Your latest recruit, RevealCX Boost, will be the most dependable one you could have. It will be your most hard-working employee, working 24/7… it will always be there, listening to your transactions and telling you what was done right or wrong. All you need to do for it to learn and deliver is feed it information… and the brilliant thing about Boost is that it doesn’t forget what you tell it. Now don’t worry, it’s not taking over and replacing the human touch! Our AI can only monitor what is being said in an interaction. You will still need to manage your staff, recruit them, train them, and keep them motivated. Boost will just happily sit there and tell you both how they perform and what is impacting your customer experience. How staff go about it is not something RevealCX Boost is able to monitor, so there is still a lot of room for human monitoring. What Boost does is free up time for your staff to fix the issues that it finds. Rather than spending time defining problems, your staff can spend their time resolving them.

When it comes to monitoring transactions, RevealCX Boost can facilitate the training of support agents and evaluate them quickly, which would show especially useful when they work remotely. AI allows you to evaluate agents on a scale not possible before, and to give them support and feedback based on a large number of transactions and precise accuracy rates, thereby flattening the learning curve particularly for new agents. With more precise answers, costs will be quickly reduced, and staff will become more satisfied when being able to help customers, reducing the risk of employee churn – thus Boost helps many aspects of your business.


With AI, there is an added potential to generate large data sets to review process related issues. Are issues happening consistently, or not? If it only happens once or twice – is it really something you need to spend resources on fixing? Evaluating a large sample of transactions will enable a company to demonstrate whether issues are agent or process related and find ways to correct what needs correction: processes or training. Fixing a process results in fixing the problem in one go – fixing agents happens one agent at a time. How many agents does your company have in the contact center? and how often do they turn over?


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On top of that, agents of course need to be convinced that there is a real problem to fix. Let’s put it into a picture that many of you know quite well: imagine evaluating an agent based on a few interactions with customers, against an evaluation based on all their communications with customers in a set period. What would have been “we noticed you made a mistake on one of the four calls we analyzed” would become “you have made this mistake X% of the time during the last month”. With removing room for “bad luck” or just “something that happened on 4 calls”, your managers have a tool that shows consistent performance over time and across many transactions. No more “I can’t use the data to coach my staff” excuse.

This is how RevealCX Boost helps companies leverage their most valuable assets, including their interaction with customers.

AI removes the need to hire people to measure experience, quality staff can then focus on identifying and fixing root causes. Suddenly the equivalent to data manually collected within a month can be gathered in a single day. How many people would you need to do that manually … and at what cost?

Without AI, an analysis is mostly set to one aspect of a certain type of transactions. Using AI in an analysis removes any bias that could otherwise happen when selecting which transactions to monitor. Bias which is a likely cause to affecting the usefulness of the sample data can possibly impact the efficiency of the final decision made from said sample. With AI, there is no unintended bias, and you get data you can trust.

Imagine how much more effective you could be when addressing issues that have a negative impact on the customer satisfaction. AI provides a priceless tool to manage those issues and understand how to influence KPIs. With AI you gain an understanding of how you perform in the areas that are important to your customers and build from that to meet expectations and build loyalty. And in the end, is there anything more critical than failing to meet satisfaction and loyalty?

We will be posting quite a few bits and pieces on our social media following the launch of RevealCX Boost, so keep an eye out for all the additional information.

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