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Introducing a new feature within RevealCX, the Learning Management System (LMS). The integration is another step towards creating seamless and automated processes for businesses, making learning more effective and efficient than ever before!

Turn insights into action!

RevealCX is a Quality Monitoring platform that is used to improve customer interactions and experiences using intelligent data management and analysis. The platform focuses on deep data insights into customer behavior and needs, which then provides robust reporting that gives an accurate view of actual performance seen from the customer perspective.

Last year we promised a year focused on innovation, generating an even more automated experience for the user. A natural extension of last year’s Agent Level Management upgrades, is an LMS integration, further ensuring the ability to manage at a high-standard, high-performing best practice approach. LMS is a major aspect of increasing your call center’s efficiency.

Automating key processes in the quality program provides businesses with greater efficiency which also means less cost. Imagine having such a powerful tool that allows you to rely on facts about the effectiveness of your training and on top of that provides you with actionable data to direct agents to significantly improve their performance. With a more streamlined process and reporting visibility, organizations can now leave all spreadsheets in the past, limiting time-consuming tasks and focus on making the change – Let the system work for you!

New feature: Learning Management System (LMS)

The LMS module enriches the data within RevealCX, unfolding new opportunities to simplify and further automate the processes around Quality Management. LMS will allow easy assignment and management of training to either groups of agents or individuals to address issues identified through monitoring. Informing agents what they do wrong is not enough, the importance lies in them understanding how to improve! The LMS integration unites quality monitoring and the development of support staff by combining all the data and management tools you need to build a competent workforce. Training content can be targeted directly to agents based on evaluations reports and performance data, leading to a more engaging training experience designed to achieve both individual as well as department goals.

Assigning training with just a few clicks

Last year we enhanced Agent Level Management features within RevealCX, providing a greater streamlined feedback and action plan module to further support ongoing learning and development. The LMS integration takes this a step further, making this process even more automated and efficient, as training courses can be assigned immediately based on each evaluation. What used to be manual and time consuming is now automated, efficient, and convenient.

And even better, the LMS is not limited to training on specific areas that have been highlighted during monitoring but can actually do large scale training with just a few clicks. This module provides the possibility of enrollment by implementing group training for either the whole center, a specific team, or even a specific location. Apart from providing a level of convenience, managing large scale training becomes easier and more efficient. Annual training sessions of all staff is no longer a hassle!

Administering deadlines

Assigning training courses and leaving it at that may not help you cross the finish line. Monitoring the progress is essential to ensure our training resources don’t go to waste! The LMS module provides your management team with actionable information and valuable data on progression, training history and performance. The Enrollment History Function within RevealCX helps make the work of monitoring the progress that much easier.

The dashboard widgets within RevealCX provide managers with a performance overview. The built-in LMS widget allows managers to administer deadlines and creates visibility into any overdue training within their area. Managers can for example monitor who has completed the new product training, or who has outstanding compliance training. This entails keeping your support staff on their toes and making sure their training is completed to start seeing those improved results. Because let’s face it competent staff equal happy customers.

How can we ensure the effectiveness of the training?

Now this is the real question many businesses face – Is it really worth the investment? Does it really work?

Information about the transactions that have been monitored, evaluations reports, and performance data is already a part of RevealCX. Now, you combine all the quality data with the LMS data to measure results and identify areas of improvement.

What is so unique about this integration? Well, that is the Course Impact Reporting! The combined solution goes beyond the basics of delivering training that empowers agents, but also supports the management and overall business performance. The LMS integration provides reporting that allows you to measure training effectiveness and how it impacts agent performance at the attribute level.

Combining LMS in your Quality Monitoring Program will help your organization become more efficient with clear performance standards and providing agents with more relevant and tailored training. The tool examines the database and generates reporting to compare error rate before and after the training took place. This allows you to track the effectiveness, making sure your training is as expected and actually adding value, not just in faith but by relying on actual facts.

Don’t let your training go to waste due to ineffective learning or outdated materials. Exploit the enriched data to ensure performance improvements!

What the future holds

Increased data, leads to more insights, which leads to better decision making to improve the business. The LMS integration within RevealCX unfolds new opportunities of automation and increased efficiency when combined with other features and functionalities.

Last year we introduced the Alerts Module within RevealCX. The tool observes the database and highlights non-compliant business requirement occurrences, supporting supervisors in managing their support staff. The module also provides the ability to adhere to Quality Best Practices benchmarks as defined in the COPC standard. Issues can arise anytime! Hence, the advantage of utilizing the Alerts system is that it provides continuous real-time alerts for errors that require immediate attention. Our next step is to connect the LMS to the Alerts System within RevealCX, instead of sending emails about problems that may have occurred, training will be assigned automatically.

But wait, there’s more! When the LMS has AI added, the tool will be able to go further and analyse the available data and suggest the most effective training. And did we mention automation? The AI module can take it all a step further and will be developed to automatically assign the recommended training. The benefits of combining all the data in one solution is providing real-time insights, limiting the manual process of coaching, and ultimately providing added value to your quality monitoring processes.

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