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The year in a nutshell

The year of 2021 was a turning point for our company! It has been a year of improvements, successfully transforming from good to great! Our overall focus was on uplifting and enhancing Agent Level Management features and functionalities to best practice standards. RevealCX went from a platform that gave insight into process level issues into one that also provides smooth workflows for agent level management. This way, RevealCX enables you not only to stay aligned with the entire organization, but also ensure the ability to manage at a high-standard, high-performing best practice approach.

Our remarkable Agent Level Management upgrades involved creating a more modern module with enhanced automation, providing a greater streamlined feedback action plan and coaching module. Delivering feedback to agents is an ongoing aspect of successful quality monitoring. But how do you truly foster ongoing learning and development? The answer is simple! Giving your agents a voice and making the feedback process a collaborative effort will motivate your agents and help to keep them highly engaged in their work. For this reason, our module redesign involved real time agent response capability which will increase efficiency in your quality monitoring processes, helping your agents grow professionally and develop their skills. On top of that, the updates included a visible overview for managers of the whole contact center to monitor these feedback occurrences or the lack there of. But we didn't stop there...

Stay Alert !

We keep on improving in line with customer expectations, working together with our clients to reach optimal efficiency, and truly improving based on real life examples and best practices. Therefore, we deployed the Advanced Alerts Flagging System, creating organizational-specific and automated reminders across the organization, communicating exactly the action to be made when business requirements are not adhered to. The added value of this feature is that other Agent Level Management functionalities can be fully integrated into the Alerts module, ensuring accurate and consistent quality monitoring. Want to learn more about this groundbreaking feature? Watch the TechTalk with Iain Ironside here, where he explains in detail how it works and its benefits!

We completed the circle by enhancing the Calibration feature within RevealCX for further improving consistency and efficiency of the overall process. However, the importance of the evaluator’s role goes beyond calibration, which is why we created the Evaluator Performance Profile. This new feature gives managers an overview of all facts about their Quality Analysts to review their performance. The overview includes number of calls evaluated, number of errors found, and number of calibrations completed and passed. This way managers can enforce the business standards throughout the whole organization.

Why stop when we can continue?

Now that we have perfected the foundation and stability in terms of best practices, we will be moving into a year focused on innovation. The biggest driver behind the transformation is generating an even more automated experience for the user. Are you struggling with uncovering actionable insights and knowing what to do with the data? RevealCX is your solution! We will be automating key processes within the quality program, providing organizations with a wealth of insights to focus on driving change and improving performance. RevealCX will provide organizations with enriched, actionable data in real time, as we strive to help businesses achieve the best results with decreased cost and increased efficiencies.

Coming soon…

The LMS Integration, will allow easy assignment and management of training to either groups of agents or individuals to address issues identified through monitoring. Telling agents what they do wrong is not enough, the importance lies in telling them how to improve! The LMS integration unites quality monitoring and development by combining all the data and management tools you need to build a strong workforce. Training content can be targeted directly to agents based on evaluations reports and performance data, leading to a more engaging training experience designed to achieve individual goals.

What is so unique about this integration? Well, that is the Course Impact Reporting! We built RevealCX based on a best practice form structure, now we will integrate the LMS that provides reporting, measuring training effectiveness and how it impacts agent performance by the attribute level. We help organizations become more efficient with clear performance standards and providing agents with more relevant and tailored training.

The Power of Data

Businesses receive and store a huge amount of data every day. But how can organizations exploit all this data to improve the customer experience? Using a machine instead of humans opens up the possibility of being able to evaluate much larger samples, providing greater insights into your organization’s performance, whether that’s across the whole business or specific attributes.

With the Machine Learning Integration, organizations will be able to harness the wealth of insights around customer sentiment and predict customer satisfaction to enhance agent performance. The machine reads between the lines, evaluating conversations, not just detecting what words were used but also how those words were conveyed, providing large data sets for sentiment analysis. Also, the machine can help you to combine the data with other information to identify bigger patterns at the attribute level. The continuous journey of automation, and increased accuracy will create opportunities for better and more relevant training and development, which ultimately will make a significant impact on customer satisfaction.

Here you can find out more about how RevealCX has your back in delivering superior customer service! 

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