The Future is here

The introduction of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) in the CX industry has had a significant impact on how companies service their customers. Digital assistants, Chat and Voice robots have helped customers service themselves without the need for human-assisted interactions. But is this really the case?

Many companies have seen an increase in the total number of customer transactions after introducing expanded possibilities for customers to complete their inquiries online. However, they have not seen the same number of manually assisted transactions reduced during the same period. What gives?

The CX industry has now recognized the need for ML and AI within the industry’s own processes. Internal support processes are now more than ever being supported by ML/AI and why not? These processes are prone to variation in performance or repetitive by nature – areas that ML/AI are designed to help improve and reduce costs.

Understanding the need to balance automation and manual work is crucial for companies to succeed. ML/AI still needs to be guided, still needs input, and still needs to be trained. Now support processes that historically have been manual can be supplemented and dramatically enhanced, rather than replaced 1 to 1.

Listening to the voice of the customer has never been more important than now. Doing so cost efficiently has never been more important than now. Companies need the data that is hidden away within all the transactions they have with their customers to improve the customers experience and reduce costs.

Imagine working on full data sets rather than samples. Imagine having all that data to repeatedly dive into and gain insights. Think of the cost of monitoring all transactions manually... and now imagine using automation rather than having to do it manually. Imagine your team leaves work as usual having completed what they can manage throughout a workday. Then you have an automated tool that applies ML and AI taking over and delivering data from all transactions that a human team would never be able to complete unless you added hundreds of new staff to monitor transactions.

That is why we have built RevealCX boost. We want you to come into the office and be able to review performance based on a complete data set. Management taking decisions on better data, staff being coached and trained on better data, customers being serviced by better data. It is time for specialized ML and AI powered tools to be used across support functions, enabling you to treat and process huge amounts of data. Not only will your organization benefit more from using specialized tools, using tools that can apply globally accepted best practices will bring you a significantly higher ROI as you gain the insights you need to reduce the need for manually handling transactions.

Whatever the answers you are looking for to increase agent performance, customer satisfaction, and conversion rates in a cost-efficient way, RevealCX Boost will help you get there.



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