The future of AI in the CX industry

Artificial intelligence (AI) will be used in nearly every industry to streamline operations, and its place in the customer experience (CX) industry is becoming more prominent as the technology develops. In fact, the CX industry may end up being at the forefront of implementing AI because of its rich data collection processes. But what will be the practical applications of AI in the industry?

There are two elements of the CX industry that are costly and time-consuming: the time it takes for agents to respond to customers and agent quality monitoring. While some AI tools may seem like they're solving these problems, such as customer-facing chatbots and sentiment analysis, these processes have yet to be truly solved by AI. Sentiment analysis, for instance, simply provides an overview of the tone of a call, not critical data about how the agent performed. And customer-facing chatbots aren't yet reliable or smart enough to replace an agent. So how can you ensure that AI provides you with all of the critical insights and performance improvement you need, e.g., decrease average handle time (AHT), increased sales, customer satisfaction (CSAT), issue resolution (IR)?

Here at Nexcom, we see AI as offering the ability to supercharge agents and QAs to do 2x-5x as much as their previous workload: this means -having larger - more representative - samples of data, responding to more customers, and ultimately improving the customer experience. The benefits of AI exceed the work that is required to implement an AI. This work involves automating data collection, standardizing it, and integrating multiple AI tools to accomplish your business goals.

Once everything is connected and the data is coming in, here are some examples of what an AI-powered CX experience looks like:

  • Anywhere a customer interacts with a company, whether on social media, email, or phone – an AI grades that interaction in seconds.
  • If an interaction is graded as ineffective or produces an unhappy customer, a team leader can intervene in minutes to resolve the interaction.
  • Whenever a customer contacts you asking a detailed question, an AI searches your knowledge base of internal documents and produces an answer for your agent to edit. Your agent then cross-references the materials, personalizes the message, and gives a detailed response in less than a minute.

What does this all mean in numbers? Each of your agents handles 2x-5x as many interactions. And whereas before, your QAs only graded 5-10% of transactions, an AI can grade all 100%. Imagine all the possibilities that the data businesses in the CX industry can use to optimize their operations.

For this supercharged workflow to work, however, it comes down to your business addressing the three stages of implementing an AI mentioned earlier:

  • Collect data with an Automation Platform that processes all channels and every customer touchpoint —customer support calls, social media interactions, and emails, for instance.
  • Use a Quality Tool to standardize the data, ensuring the data your AI is trained from is well-formatted, voluminous, and calibrated.
  • Lastly, you'll want to layer one or more Artificial Intelligences on top of this data and integrate these AIs into your workflows.

Here at Nexcom, we provide all of the above. For example, our premiere agent automation platform, eTray, that integrates with all channels such as Facebook and Email to collect your data. Meanwhile, our industry-leading Quality tool, RevealCX, allows your QAs to standardize and calibrate your data and use that data to train an AI to do it automatically.

Imagine combining all these tools and having AI-powered software that provides you with the data you need across your organization. What if these same tools could help your agents do more and your QAs more accurately? Can you imagine how you could genuinely start improving performance?

Nexcom's custom AIs are designed specifically for contact centers to revolutionize their businesses. If you're interested in how AI, data automation, and quality monitoring can increase your CSAT, AHT, and IR scores, schedule a call with our team today!


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