5 Key Benefits of Workflow Automation

Workflows are simply another way of describing how we operate today, and all organizations can benefit from automating repetitive manual data-entry. Here are 5 undeniable benefits workflow automation can bring you!

Higher productivity

How much time does your organization waste on time-consuming tasks that could easily be automated? Chances are it’s a lot. Streamlining processes and integrating systems will significantly reduce the manual and repetitive day-to-day activities, as well as average handle time (AHT).

Now that fewer resources are wasted on time-consuming tasks, the team can focus on high value adding tasks that require human intellect to help you grow your business. Improve productivity, efficiency and not to mention the overall customer experience.

Cost reduction

The cost of a workflow automation software itself is far outweighed by the benefits that you will reap. Automation is the one of the fastest and most secure return on investment (ROI) you’ll ever see in your customer service department. Here’s how:

  • Saving time and resources that can be used for revenue-generating activities instead.
  • Minimizing variation which entails avoiding errors and unnecessary cost of mending compliance issues.
  • Removing the need for designing or buying expensive software that are intended for a narrow and specific task.
  • Increasing productivity without having to work harder, or onboard more staff.

Process adherence

Process adherence is critical when handling a large number of inquiries to ensure the customer receives the desired experience.

Manual processes are prone to errors. Let’s say a customer calls to inform a change of address but the employee forgets to manually input the information across all systems or enters the wrong information. All these problems disappear with workflow automation by eliminating unnecessary data entry as new information is captured. Once the data has been recorded it will automatically be shared with other integrated databases.

Workflow automation is based on conditional logic and ensures that the company’s policies and procedures are followed in every step. It doesn’t matter if a process is transferred between people, departments or even platforms, what you’re aiming for is minimal variation! No more handover nightmares, no more back and forth communication, no more losing track of records or the need for follow-ups. The process is identical every time with no variation.

Customer Satisfaction

As we have already established, workflow automation improves the ability to become or remain compliant and minimize variation. This not only prevents errors from happening or time wasted on chasing documents but will directly impact your customer satisfaction. Customers get the correct answer every time. Customers get their issues resolved quickly.

The software provides an easy access to all the data needed to solve a customer inquiry. Yes, that’s right, all the information is conveniently stored in one place, whether it’s data from a billing system, CRM, ERP or any other database. Automating actions across multiple databases will significantly improve first call resolution (FCR), customer satisfaction and even lead to greater loyalty.


Visibility into your workflows allows you to analyze key performance indicators (KPIs) as well as monitor all the above-mentioned benefits.

Customer inquiries are designed to follow a specific process but what about the exceptions? what happens if an action does not fit any of the designed processes? The workflow automation software prevents anything from slipping through the cracks. All information is recorded, and any hindrance or obstacles can be easily identified in order to boost efficiency and productivity.

Managing staff becomes significantly easier. Administrative and back-office tasks that can be difficult to measure become visible. The platform can measure performance, what is being done manually? What is done through automation? How long does it take? Can more of the manual work be automated? Visibility into outdated or redundant tasks that drain time and resources, performance tracking and operational insights for improvement.

Workflow automation pays for itself!

Are you considering implementing these benefits into your organization? Save valuable time, effort and money with eTray, an intuitive workflow management platform which enables your customer service operations to increase their daily performance by automating manual and repetitive tasks.

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