Quality Best Practices

Leverage Nexcom Technology to Implement Quality Best Practices

In the Customer Experience (CX) industry COPC Inc. is known as the preferred resource to help your company increase sales, improve customer satisfaction, and build brand loyalty. At the heart of their approach is a rigorous performance management system and quality management framework for CX operations, the COPC Customer Experience (CX) Standard. COPC Inc. identified the need for technology to align with the standard and formed the program COPC Approved Technology Provider (ATP). The ATP program recognizes technology solutions proven to deliver real business value by helping companies deploy the best practices found in the COPC CX Standard.

Nexcom products are designed, built, and implemented with COPC CX Standard best practices. The COPC ATP program is a “no brainer”. Until now, AI products have promised a lot with a little return, predominately delivering information on staff levels. Nexcom’s platform RevealCX is an AI-powered SaaS that helps CX operations meet the COPC CX Standards rigorous requirements that focusses on true process level improvements. At the foundation of our AI are the quality best practices that provide the ability for our AI driven data to measure what matters most to your organization with calibrated and accurate data.

As an ATP partner, Nexcom is audited by COPC Inc. for effectiveness, support of best practices and vetted for recommendation. The audit process ensures our customers can have confidence when making a key investment decision in our technology and how if it supports their CX strategy. This partnership extends beyond the audit, it includes thought leadership discussions around the evolution of our products and how to take this technology to the edge and remain committed to our customers success.

With a focus on technology that supports best practices, Nexcom’s customers can ease into alignment with a significant amount of the requirements for quality and staff monitoring found in the COPC CX Standard. Aligned with this focus is our commitment to educating our customers on how to navigate the rapid advancements of AI technology as the market becomes more complex and confusing. RevealCX and RevealCX Boost are designed, built, and implemented by quality experts deploying quality best practices, ensuring correct and valid data as the basis of our AI. Our COPC ATP partner verifies and ensures the features and functionalities bring these best practices to life and that your organization can benefit from these features.

We value our partnership with COPC Inc. not only for their expertise but also for their commitment to supporting technology that provides best practices. We’re proud to share the compliant items in RevealCX quality monitoring suite, COPC Standard requirements met.




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